Explore your library this Christmas! SNOW much fun for all the family! To begin the treasure hunt, click start!
First, pick a team name for your family!

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It's ok if you have fewer than four players, but get the whole family involved!
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How old are your team players?

Which library are you exploring today?

What adventure would you like to go on? *

Ready to find some seasonal stories?

Can you find a book with Father Christmas on the cover?

Great, happy reading!

The Snowman tells the story of a boy and a snowman who go on an exciting adventure together. You might have seen it on TV, but who wrote the book?

Clue: Can you find the book in the children's library?

Raymond Briggs wrote the book The Snowman in 1978.

Does the grown up in your team remember the first time you read or watched The Snowman growing up?

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is set in what magical land that is forever winter but never Christmas?

Clue: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is a book by C.S. Lewis
The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is set in Narnia. It is a story about four siblings who enter a large wardrobe to find that it is actually a doorway that takes them to a different magical world. Has anyone in your team read the book?

What does Angelina Ballerina do for New Year's Eve?

Clue: Its something wintery!

In the book Angelina Ice Skates, Angelina goes ice skating on New Year's Eve. 

Has anyone in your team been ice skating?

Finish this sentence from the poem Night Before Christmas: 
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a _________."

The poem Night Before Christmas reads, "Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse."

In a book by Dr Seuss, who stole Christmas?

Did you know, the book How the Grinch stole Christmas! was published 60 years ago? Is anyone in your team that old?

How much fun did you have finding festive books to read?

1 = Not much fun
5 = Lots of festive fun!

Thanks! Would you like to look for more clues in the library today? *

Ok, let's learn about winter animals!

Father Christmas keeps reindeer as pets. Can you find books that help you learn about other pets too?

Clue: Can you find a section on animals?

If you saw a group of penguins on land, how would you describe them?

Clue: Can you find a book about penguins?

A "waddle" is the name for a group of penguins on land. 

A group of penguins in water is called a "raft".

What color is Rudolph the Reindeer's nose?

This might be a good question for your youngest team members...

Wild Polar Bears live in the Arctic. Which of these places is furthest away from the Arctic?

Clue: Can you find travel books, or a map?

Rio de Janeiro is in Brazil, which is south of the Equator. The other places are much further North.

How much did you learn about your favourite animals?

1 = Not very much 
5 = I learned lots of new things about animals!

Thanks. Are you ready to explore some more?

Are you ready to discover new festive activities and traditions?

How many candles are on a Hanukkah Menorah?

Hint: Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday. Have a look for books on different cultures, religions and traditions.

A menorah for Hanukkah has eight candles. There is a ninth used to light the other candles.

Many different cultures celebrate New Year in different ways. The Chinese New Year is in February. Which of the following is a Chinese New Year tradition?

Are you still in the section on different cultures, religions and traditions?

Dragon dances are performed for the Chinese New Year. Dragons represent good luck and wisdom.

What is your librarian's favourite Christmas song?

Go and ask him or her...

Can you find how to make your own Christmas decorations?

Clue: Can you find books on arts and crafts?

Where in the library can you find a recipe for turkey leftovers?

Clue: There might be more than one correct answer!

There's lots of cookery books with turkey recipes. Or you can look online!

Which 3 ingredients are used to make gingerbread men?

Clue: Head to the recipe section if you're not already there.

Flour, ground ginger, and eggs are common ingredients in gingerbread men.

Can you find any festive recipes that you would like to try as a family at home?

Yum yum
Did you enjoy discovering festive traditions today?

1 = Not very much
5 = We had a great time!

Would you like to explore more clues?

Thank you for joining in the festive fun today! We hope you've found lots of ideas for family fun at home.
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